Introduction to GitLab Security and Compliance

Technical Demo and Live Q&A

GitLab’s 2023 Global DevSecOps Survey found that 69% of security professionals want to consolidate their toolchain — and a DevSecOps platform can help. Security respondents who use a DevSecOps platform told us that developers catch more security vulnerabilities and had a higher opinion of their organization’s security efforts.

GitLab’s DevSecOps platform provides many tools to enhance the security of the complete lifecycle of your application(s), including security scanners, guardrails, and vulnerability management.

Join this webcast to learn how to use GitLab to:

  • Understand and implement security scanners to enable DevSecOps workflows
  • Configure security guardrails to prevent insecure code from making it into production
  • Enhance developer and AppSec collaboration to improve your security posture
  • Manage and triage vulnerabilities and adhere to compliance requirements

Note: This webcast will include a demo of the above features.


  • Ben Ridley
  • Solutions Architect
  • GitLab

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