Simplify DevOps

Deliver more value with fewer headaches using an end-to-end DevOps platform

DevOps tools shouldn’t create more problems than they solve. As DevOps initiatives mature, brittle toolchains built from point solutions break down, increasing cost, reducing visibility, and creating friction instead of value. As industry analysts have come to agree, the answer to the "toolchain tax" is a DevOps platform.

Watch this webcast to learn how a complete DevOps platform deployed as a single application eliminates integration bottlenecks, enables end-to-end transparency, and allows businesses to deliver higher quality, more secure software more efficiently.

In this webcast, we will...

  • Examine the evolution of the DevOps toolchain from point solutions to a platform
  • Demystify the "alphabet soup" of DevOps, unpacking VSM, VSDP, and other terms
  • Demonstrate how end-to-end visibility and actionability throughout the DevOps lifecycle can help your teams work more efficiently to deliver more customer value more quickly, with lower risk and cost


  • Cormac Foster
  • Manager, Product Marketing
  • GitLab

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