Ditching DIY DevOps for GitLab’s single platform

Some organizations turning to DevOps initially began by stitching together a Do-It-Yourself tangle of tools to help them build and deploy better software. The problem is that what they hoped would help actually ended up costing them time, money and lost efficiency. What they had right is that DevOps is the answer — but cobbling together a toolchain is not.

This guide will help you understand not only the problems that come with toolchains, but the imperative to replace them with GitLab’s end-to-end platform, which can increase your DevOps team’s speed, productivity and efficiency. We’ll also show you how that one move can help eliminate duplicate tasks, reduce costs, and drive critical advantages for both DevOps teams and the overall business.

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  • Increasing collaboration and communication
  • Building secure, compliant software
  • Reducing expenses
  • Real-world benefits

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