Project & Portfolio Management Workshop

Gain high-level visibility into the people and projects aligned with ongoing business initiatives

Thank you for your interest in this workshop.
This event has concluded and registration is now closed, but GitLab has a number of hands-on events and educational programs scheduled at any given time. Please visit our events page for more information on upcoming events and dates.

Date: Wednesday, October 6th
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Join this three hour hands-on workshop to see how GitLab can align all the elements of your program and deliver a flexible and powerful set of features that scale from small teams to large complex organizations.

Aligning many simultaneous streams of work across a large number of teams working in parallel is one of the great challenges organizations face today.

GitLab’s project management solution makes it easy to capture issues, collaborate on the details, and then prioritize and deliver business results.

This workshop is designed for Project and Portfolio Managers: