2021 State of DevOps Report Roundtable

Join our webcast about the current state of DevOps from DORA

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 
Time: 8:30am PT / 3:30pm UTC

GitLab invites you to join our roundtable webcast to discuss the 2021 State of DevOps Report. We'll be joined by two authors who will lead an executive summary to review performance indicators of what makes organizations elite, how being elite is a strategic advantage, and the benefit elite performers have over all others. 

Learn how elite performers now makeup 26% of teams and have decreased their lead times for changes to production, and are realizing 973x more frequent code deployments, a 6570x faster lead time to deployment, and 3x lower change failure rate.

In this webcast, you'll learn...

  • How to benchmark your software development and delivery capabilities
  • Capabilities that separate the elite performers from others
  • Benefits of being measured as an elite performer
  • How GitLab can you make you an elite DevOps performer faster


  • Dustin Smith
  • DORA Lead Researcher
  • Google

  • Eric Maxwell
  • EMEA Technical Lead
  • Google

  • Brendan O'Leary
  • Senior Developer Evangelist
  • GitLab
  • Frank Ford
  • Sr. IT Architecture Design Manager
  • Genworth

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