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Purchasing GitLab through cloud marketplaces can help consolidate billing, speed up procurement process, and better align to budgetary spend towards cloud initiatives. Purchasing through AWS Marketplace or Google Cloud Marketplace can also count towards committed spend to public clouds and benefit from associated infrastructure discounts if self hosting GitLab on AWS or Google Cloud.

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GitLab is an official GCP Partner and subscriptions can be purchased through Google Cloud Marketplace via private offers which provide customized quotes per customer. All GitLab product subscriptions, including GitLab Enterprise Edition and GitLab.com are available for purchase with integrated Google Cloud billing across both Premium and Ultimate GitLab tiers. This means, at the end of each month, GitLab licenses show up as a line item on your Google Cloud bill and can count towards your committed spend on GCP. Currently, only monthly billing for annual contracts are available through Google Cloud Marketplace. Contact sales to learn more on how to receive a unique URL with a private offer and how to take advantage of any promotions towards GitLab purchases via Google Cloud Marketplace.

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GitLab is an official AWS Partner and can be purchased through AWS Marketplace via custom private offers or through single click to deploy, bundled 5 user license packs. GitLab Premium and Ultimate are available for purchase with integrated AWS billing. AWS currently supports annual billing for yearly subscriptions. Contact sales to learn more on how to receive a unique URL with a private offer via AWS Marketplace. To learn more on how to get started deploying GitLab on AWS, check out our docs on Installing GitLab on AWS.

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