Webcast: GitLab Intro to CI

Learn how to use built-in continuous integration in GitLab

In this webcast learn about continuous integration in GitLab. GitLab is more than a repository manager. While you can integrate any of your favorite CI tools, CI is built right into GitLab. If you're new to CI, you'll find this system is easy to learn. If you're new to GitLab, you'll get an overview of using GitLab, and a deep-dive into using GitLab to build and test your projects.

In this webcast:

- Overview of using GitLab to collaborate on software.
- Intro to the built-in continuous integration in GitLab
- What other CI systems you can use with GitLab
- How to get started quickly
- How to test, build, and deploy your code with GitLab
- Q&A: Questions from webcast attendees answered live!

Webcast Details

- Log-in link: fill out the form to receive an email with the link
- Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016
- Time: 5pm (17:00) UTC; 12pm EST; 9am PDT

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