Webcast: Designing GitLab's User Experience

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User experience (UX) affects every interaction a user has with a product. It can make or break the adoption of a website or application and influence how, or which, features are built. As users of their own design, GitLab’s UX team faces unique advantages and challenges when it comes to understanding and crafting the best possible user experience. 

How does GitLab's UX team work to solve the challenge of creating software that spans the entire software development lifecycle? In this webcast, UX Lead Allison Whilden and UX Researcher Sarah O’Donnell share:

  • How they make design decisions including their research and feedback process
  • What it means to be users of their own design and how they balance that perspective with their technical expertise
  • The pivotal challenge—creating an experience that satisfies many different kinds of users and workstyles
  • Insight into our ongoing survey and how we plan to use the results

Register now to learn how our UX team balances behavior, flow, and fun to constantly improve GitLab’s UI and UX every month.

Event Details
January 19 at 10:15 am PST