Webcast: GitLab and Yubico

Industry trends and best practices for security

With the steady rise of new devices and the growing capabilities of existing ones, the average user logs into networks, applications, or platforms from a variety of different devices. While device flexibility is great from a user perspective, it also represents significant security challenges to organizations.

Following our recent partnership with Yubico, offering a higher level of authentication through YubiKeys, we are teaming up with Yubico again. This time, to discuss security trends and best practices.

In this webcast:

- Key trends that affect the security of your team
- Real-life examples of how both GitLab and Yubico work to improve security
- Advice on industry best practices

Webcast Details

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- Date: 2016-07-27
- Time: 17:00 UTC; 1pm EST; 10am PDT

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